Vpn Wan Connectivity



One of the great benefits to businesses large and small are the number of solutions that make it possible for you to have employees, contractors, and offices that are spread out locally, nationally or globally and keep them connected.

How would you like to access your work computer from home? How about from anywhere where you have internet access? It's not that hard (or that expensive to set up). Remote control and virtual private connections have different pros and cons, but they're both relatively inexpensive ways to access your business network from anywhere.

When you got caught passing notes in school that phrase was a threat - now it's a way to expand your business beyond old-school borders. In addition to remote control of your computer and vpn connections, online collaboration allows you to share documents (with document check-in/check-out features), scheduling, task lists and much more. Even create your own company wiki or blog. The best part is, you can share it with employees and contractors located anywhere.

Does your business have multiple offices? Do you want them to be able to create an inter-office network that allows access to shared data at the various locations? You can do this with a site-to-site vpn (also knows as a WAN) - a virtual private network that keeps a constant connection between two or more offices, so now you open that document on the other office's server without someone having to email it to you.