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Google Cloud Platform Training in Chennai

HALCYON technologies providing Google cloud training in Chennai. Google Cloud Platform is a suite of services relating to cloud computing. Processing, Data Storage, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Networking, Big Data, IOT and so forth., are the administrations offered by Google Cloud Platform. We have to register using your credit card or a bank account. We get Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service, and Server less computing environments on using Google Cloud Platform. Google lists an extensive collection of Cloud Computing tools and resources with over 90 products available.
  • Complete understanding of the core concepts of GCP services comprising of networking, storage, database, virtual machines, containers, app engine, security aspects and many more.
  • Prepares a foreground for the next level i.e. Professional cloud architect course
  • Renders an expertise in the various products and services offered by Google cloud platform
  • Places you among the job-ready candidates in the much-hyped cloud marketing domain
Google cloud platform training courses offer an essential recognition for professionals looking forward to mastering the skills concerning the creation, analysis, and deployment of applications over this emerging Cloud platform.
You do not need to have any specific skills in order to enroll in Google cloud computing training course in Chennai. The only requisite being familiarity with IT service management with absolutely no need to possess hands-on experience with programming or cloud experience whatsoever. If you are familiar in Linux is good for your exercise.

Google Cloud Platform Course Certification

The Google Cloud Platform Certification Program enables and entitles you to develop and grow as an industry professional in today’s digital age. Earn the certifications mentioned below and help yourself to boost your career.

The first step is to become a Google Cloud Certified individual. This helps you to show the world that you can design, develop, manage and administer data solutions and application infrastructure on Google Cloud technology. The designation of a Google Cloud Certified Professional is coveted. You can only gain it once you have showcased the necessary skills to uplift Google Cloud technology and use it in real scenarios. These certifications will help you to transform businesses and impact the world in a better way.

  • Gain numerous benefits from the added industry recognition
  • Confirm and improve your technical expertise
  • Catapult your career to the next level

    Associate Cloud Engineer Certification:-

  • How to construct a cloud solution environment.
  • How to plan and configure a cloud solution.
  • How to implement and deploy a cloud solution.
  • Allows the satisfactory operation of a cloud solution.
  • How to configure access and security

The Associate Cloud Engineer uses his/her technical expertise to deploy applications, monitor operations, and manage enterprise solutions. The individual is adept at Google Cloud Console and the command-line interface. The individual is capable of performing normal platform-based tasks to help maintain one or more already deployed solutions. An Associate Cloud Engineer certification empowers you to do the following things